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About Me - The Angry Brick Maniac

Bwahaha! Hello hello – welcome to the realm of the Angry BrickManiac!

It All Started With a Tiny 90s LEGO Space Set

No way of knowing what brought you here, but thanks for checking out this little pet project.

Today, I’m a LEGO enthusiast and a bit of a world builder.

But building and collecting LEGO sets has been a passion of mine ever since I was scarce above 116 bricks tall. Over the years I have somehow managed to avoid drifting away from that early enchantment.

Being a kid with rationed opportunities to collect and play with LEGO, I was always excited to supplement the special LEGO treats that family afforded me.

Always on the lookout for MOAR!, I relished the likes of LEGO Mania Magazine, shopping catalogs and promos, the introduction of BIONICLE, and getting more building and play inspiration from friends…. for hours on end. It created a lifelong habit of seeking LEGO-related stuff, and observing the LEGO community develop and grow online.

Now I want to give back.

Over the years I’ve kept a lot of thoughts and ideas to myself. I stayed on the periphery looking on at an increasingly interconnected, interactive, and lively world of LEGO fans…. so this site is dedicated to jumping in, and augmenting the growth of your LEGO interests – whether building, collecting, or playing.

I’m passionate about improving your understanding of the potential in LEGO and LEGO BIONICLE. It gets me fired up! So, I will offer personal insights as well as provide you with LEGO-related inspiration (which could maybe-possibly-theoretically transfer into your own real life). I’m here to be helpful!

Once Upon A Time… A Bit About My LEGO Life

Growing up, I was always a little quieter than everyone else. By no means did it stop me from having fun and making lots of vivid memories with others. But – whether or not is was true – I felt like I always had to work a little bit harder to fit in, or to be “a cool kid”.

LEGO became a major interpersonal bonding force as well as intrapersonal imaginative outlet for me. I literally used to spend hours eagerly pouring over the mini-catalogs packed in LEGO sets of the day, as well as the mail-order catalogs.

I got lost in the photographed dioramas and in dreaming up what I could do with my own collection.

Spending hours excitedly playing with friends’ collections (either at their home, or through what they snuck to school) was also a formative memory. So even with a limited physical collection of my own, I nonetheless stored up a wealth of LEGO memories and knowledge which I have kept to this day.

I still dream of the day I can collect and play with the sets I never got back then. And this leads me to what I want to help readers realize: so much good can result if you recall and interpret (or reinterpret!) your early life passion, and how to positively leverage it.

The World Has Changed, And So Has LEGO

I like LEGO because of its timelessness as a toy and medium.

….Well, that is only one reason. But it is a big one.

The world has changed, and needless to say, a lot of emphasis is placed on screens today, the digital world, and capturing attention in an increasingly overstimulating environment. But LEGO has adapted, in some ways good, and in others… blech.

Much of the content that I’m going to be discussing here will be centered around enriching your appreciation of what LEGO was and is and can be. To do that, my underlying focus revolves around the LEGO that I knew growing up, the rise and dormancy of BIONICLE, as well as inspirational highlights from around the web’s LEGO Land today.

The world has changed and so does the way you need to interact with it off-screen. LEGO is indispensable!

A Place to Play Well, With Experts and Newbies Alike

So what’s the point of all this? Well of course – to learn, to be inspired, and to have fun!

A lot can be accomplished by learning to incorporate play with learning. And in no way do I intend to stop playing.

So get ready to experience my uncompromising thoughts as we learn together. I aim to fire up people’s interest in LEGO and how it can be a hugely positive part of their life.

So if you are a LEGO fan, LEGO builder, or just all-around geek…. if you are someone who wants an idyllic perspective…. if you want to be LEGO savvy…. then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll strive to visualize a better tomorrow in LEGO Land.

Have a look around, and if you ever have anything to share in respect to your LEGO experiences, I would love to hear it.

Stay sane friends and build on.

About Me - The Angry Brick Maniac


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  1. I’m also a LEGO fan. And I am glad I found your site. It’s nice to see we share the same passion for this timeless toy. I was also very young when I first was introduced to LEGO. And I have loved it ever since. I was recently watching a clip of David Beckham at the Ellen Show. It seems he also loves LEGOs. 

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