Simple and Multipurpose LEGO Party Supplies for Your Crew

Want to give someone special a truly unique celebration? Of course. And if you’re looking into LEGO party supplies, you have made an awesome choice. With a wide range of themes and directions to take, LEGO can be a fun match for many occasions, whether it be for a TTRPG get-together, a birthday, or some other special commemoration. 

It just depends on your taste and audience, otherwise go all out and make an impact! But at the same time, if you’re going to go through the trouble of creating a LEGO-themed party, you may also want simple and multipurpose options… so that when the party is over, all that work can live to see another day, in another way. If that sounds up your alley, let’s take a look at buying LEGO party supplies online, as well as some cheap DIY solutions.

Get LEGO Party Supplies On Budget

LEGO Party Supplies - LEGO kids party table
Jeez… Emery Must Have Been One Happy Kid That Year

First thing’s first. This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised how easily a “hole” appears in your wallet when shopping for a LEGO-themed party, or parties in general.

Instead of failing to budget for a party and instead of spending more than you anticipated on additional flourishes and impulse additions – plan for it.

Set a core limit to how much you “need” to spend. Then, once you have that number range established, intentionally add another chunk of money to cover any extra impulse buys you may come across.

For example, if you budget a core $150 for supplies and décor, add another $50 bucks to cover anything else that comes up. A total of $200 budgeted, with specific amounts allocated. Adjust as desired!

Find and Buy Quality LEGO Party Supplies

LEGO bonbonniere table

So you want to do this? Great!

Besides using things you already have on hand, the best deals can often be found with a little digging on Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.

FireStar Toys and Build Better Bricks are especially great for finding unique and quirky items that simply can’t be found in local retail outlets. You can find some of the best prices for one-off custom party, gift, and celebration accessories via fan merchants. And if you’re a gamer looking to start a DnD (Dungeons and Dragons)-esque party – but with LEGO! – opportunities abound to make it a reality.

Check out my post about some of the best custom LEGO vendors and artists.

The products on eBay generally have a greater tendency to be specifically-themed supplies (Batman or other superhero, LEGO City, LEGO Movie, etc.).

But if you take my advice here and search around a bit, you’re bound to find something that fits the bill, whether you are interested in LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Superhero, or something more general LEGO-themed for older fans.

If you will be also shopping for LEGO sets and kits online, be sure to head over here for more important pointers.

Fun Ideas and Awesome Party Supplies to Keep in Mind

You likely already have an idea about what you need to complete the look of your celebration. However, it can be helpful to more efficiently conduct your search by considering categories of décor. You may also happen to identify something that you overlooked!

Create a list separated into sections of supplies including cards and invitations, tableware, decoration, favors and accessories…

…And of course, LEGO bricks. Only you know best how to please your LEGO-loving party-goers… In and of themselves, LEGO bricks are appealing to kids and adults alike. But with the right application, LEGO-themed décor could even win over those who are not as maniacal!

Besides being incorporated into decoration, LEGO elements could be an easy and fun way to include both as a party activity and memento – for adult gatherings as well as for kids.


If you want to really up the ante and light up a LEGO display for a party, check out these blog posts!

> Starting a DIY LEGO light project

> Brick Loot Vs. Lightailing Light Kits

LEGO party favor minifigure activity

Collect Ideas and Inspiration for Future Use In a LEGO Themed Party

If you can’t quite find “that something” LEGO which perfectly matches an interest, consider DIY!

This can be particularly crafty to do for the eclectic birthday, wedding, or holiday celebration. Pick up some arts & crafts supplies and create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Of course it can be helpful to simply browse idea-centric platforms like Pinterest (it doesn’t even have to be a LEGO-related search – you may be surprised at what you can be inspired by. Even tangentially related ideas can be adapted to your most fantastic LEGO pipe-dream).

At no extra cost to you, making a purchase through the affiliate shopping links found in this post helps support this site continue to provide LEGO fun to readers like you. So have fun picking up some great gear for your occasion! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

For your convenience, some pretty basic ideas for younger party-goers are presented below. Adults, feel free to scale up and adapt to fit the needs of your occasion.

Cardboard building blocks (see product list in conclusion) are an example of decorative DIY. You could pick up several cardboard blocks (or make your own!), cover them in single-color gift wrap, then affix matching-color candy cups upside down onto their surface, to create your own giant “LEGO bricks”.

Have an empty LEGO bucket sitting around? Turn it into a snack or party favor bowl.

LEGO Party Supplies - LEGO minifigure head snack bowl party DIY
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Do you have anything going into the recycling bin that you could turn into an oversized LEGO element? Take a look and have some fun seeing what you can come up with. If you have juice boxes, for example, wrap them in gift wrap and turn them into oversized “LEGO bricks”. Build your table settings – literally – from LEGO pieces.

LEGO Napkin holder DIY

Repurpose mason jars by painting them to appear as LEGO minifigure heads; use them for snacks or other party games. You could even turn one into a DIY mason jar aquarium – add LEGO figures and small scenes inside, and present these miniature biomes to guests as favors.

Mason Jar Aquarium DIY

LEGO Classic kits and Minifigure Blind Bags are also a great grab bag mix of parts and can serve as starter items.

What About Party Activities for a LEGO Fan?

Simple and Multipurpose LEGO Party Supplies for Your Crew - LEGO party DIY masks

Check the official LEGO website! For juniors, free printable materials and build challenges are available that can be used for party games and activities.

Or, imagine if you set up the scenario for a LEGO boxcar race! Get or make helmets to put everyone in the vibe, create a raceway, add some LEGO Creator 3-in-1 cars (see product list in conclusion), and you’re off to some interactive racing fun.

Simple and Multipurpose LEGO Party Supplies for Your Crew - LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Sports Car

Or, organize and play a good old-fashioned relay game, LEGO style. Clear space, get some spoons and an egg-sized LEGO creation, and let the antics begin!

Or, cut out an oversized LEGO minifigure from cardstock, and play pin the head (or whatever else) on the LEGO figure.

You can mix, match, and build to come up with the most raucous party schedule tailored to entertain your crew. How bold will you go? How cheesy will you get? How subtle will you execute? All up to you, party-minded readers.

A Helpful Sample of LEGO Party Supplies

If you are interested in any of the items mentioned here, I have listed them below for your convenience, in addition to other quality ideas. Explore these Amazon listings and see what you can find:

If you know someone who spends hours building and playing with LEGO, surprise them with a LEGO brick bonanza. Take your creativity to another level and throw a party that will be remembered for years to come!

Drop a comment below while you’re here. I’d enjoy hearing about your LEGO party successes and ideas as well.

Happy partying, LEGO maniacs. }B^ ]

Simple and Multipurpose LEGO Party Supplies for Your Crew - The Angry Brick Maniac
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  1. A Lego birthday Party is a new one on me I kind of feel like Rip Van Winkle. I must have slept through a few years and missed this. The last time I thought about Legos was around the time we all built log cabins and such. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos which really gave a clear picture of how to use them and incorporate crazy ideas to build all kinds of activity.

    This isn’t just for kids is it? As an adult, I’d love to  figure out all kinds of ideas for adults and kid alike. I have to admit, I never played with Legos as a kid. Some of my cousins had a set and when we visited we would build a few things.

    I just really enjoyed reading about Lego party supplies. And I am glad something this much fun is out there.

    • “You learn something new every day” as they say! Like you, I’m glad when the discovery is fun. Thanks for sharing some of your LEGO past – I quite enjoy hearing about these kinds of stories! 

      And nope – throwing a LEGO-themed party, or incorporating some LEGO-related decor, is not just a kids thing. You could get really creative and incorporate LEGO embellishments to wedding celebrations, holiday parties, special anniversaries, anything really! You can be as elegantly simple or over-the-top as your imagination allows.

  2. This is an interesting concept for a party. Our young grandson is coming to visit us and he will have his birthday party while he is here. So, having a Lego Birthday party would be cool. He loves Legos. And I initially didn’t like them very much because when he came to visit us he would leave them on the floor and I would step on them at night. But he’s responsible now and stores his Legos once he’s finished. LOL. So, a Lego party will be a fun way to tell him I forgive him for the Lego mess he would leave every night when he was younger.

    • Yep if stepping on LEGO is your only experience of the bricks, that is legitimate grounds to disapprove of them. Not. Fun. Good for you though in being open to giving our favorite ABS another chance – I’m sure your grandson will appreciate it!

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