Unlock 9 Versatile Tabletop Games for Beginners Building With LEGO

Top 9 LEGO Tabletop Games for Beginners to Get Their Feet Wet - LEGO RPG

You’ve finally made your decision. You’re going to dive into the fun-filled world of LEGO tabletop games. Adventure calls to you, and you want to experience it using the versatile power of bricks and mini-figures. So, you’ve gone off to… Continue Reading


LEGO Botanical Collection – Review the New Possi-Build-ities

The Angry Brick Maniac Possibilities

Let’s review the LEGO Botanical Collection, and imagine some new Possibilities once again! This product lineup is aimed at the adult crowd, and includes sets such as 40460 Roses, 10289 Bird of Paradise, 40461 Tulips, 10281 Bonsai Tree, and 10280… Continue Reading