LEGO Creator Pickup Truck – Review the New Possi-Build-ities

Welcome to Possi-Build-ities! Here we’ll imagine some of the potential in LEGO sets, new and old. This time around, let’s review the 10290 LEGO Creator Pickup Truck.

This Creator Expert set released in October 2021 and is a truly aesthetically pleasing way to welcome the season. For an “Adults Welcome” model, the Pickup Truck offers not only an excellent value for money, but also a very customizable building experience. And many predominantly licensed vehicle sets released lately – from the Aston Martin, Ghostbusters ECTO-1, and Technic supermodels – it is a welcome change to see an original deluxe LEGO car model released.

LEGO Creator Expert Pickup Truck
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First before we get going, a disclaimer: I’m not a car buff or enthusiast.

But nonetheless this set caught my eye. It glints of retro LEGO charm, even if the build style is a far-cry from vintage-era LEGO, pre-1970s. LEGO’s red pickup truck (System) sets of the past have never been of the scale featured in the Creator model.

With the increased size, comes a happy opportunity to highlight the charm and rustic qualities – and the design nicely balances idealism with real function.

LEGO Vehicles, vintage and modern trucks: wheel set and LEGO Creator Limited Edition

Pros & Cons, Thoughts On the LEGO Creator Pickup Truck Model.

The thing is, car enthusiasts tend to favor realism. And this set is apparently targeted at adults. Granted, this is not a licensed model (for once, thank goodness) – so perhaps “unrealistic” aspects won’t be a deal-breaker. Will adults buy into it still?

The GMC model on LEGO Ideas appeared to be going after more realism – correct me if I’m wrong, car folks – but the bed looks longer, the cab less high, the engine/hood area is slimmer…

But even with more realism in the GMC Blue Chip 100 model, the vintage style still carries with it a certain “default” charm.

However, I must say that I appreciate the more fanciful proportions on the official LEGO Creator Pickup Truck. Though… imagine how purdy the set would have been if it had incorporated shiny silver chrome elements like days of yore. That would have one-upped the vintage/retro feel of not only the vehicle itself, but the LEGO as well!

LEGO Creator Pickup Truck - New Possi-Build-ities - LEGO Ideas Fan Created GMC Pickup Trucks

Personally, I’m torn between “bricky” and smooth LEGO building styles. Nowadays, LEGO likes to cover up upward facing studs, especially on vehicle models. Admittedly, adult builders (sometimes referred to as AFOLs) seem to have a penchant for disguising LEGO brick studs under smooth elements as much as can be gotten away with, in order to attain a “finished” look.

But isn’t part of the draw of having a LEGO set of a structure/vehicle in that it LOOKS like a LEGO incarnation of it? If it’s not readily apparent that a model is LEGO, then… what gives? I digress.

The curved corner pieces on the Pickup Truck are indeed fancy-nice. I also like how it looks to have a fair amount of decent-sized pieces as well – not just a huge assortment of minuscule bits.

Wait, Hold Up. What’s Up With This Lifestyle Stuff?

Reader, I apologize, but… stop the tape! Pause. I try to keep it lively around here, so this needs to be said.

Only recently have I consciously taken notice of the approach LEGO has been utilizing for showcasing their big-ticket sets in the Official LEGO Shop and ads. There is now always accompanying the standard product views, a series of “lifestyle” highlights, which depicts the LEGO set in real environments, usually with an actor “playing” with it.

LEGO Creator Pickup Truck Lifestyle Photo with Actor

Why is it necessary to show LEGO next to other random objects? Or even with a human model for that matter? And don’t even get me started on the “lifestyle” video clips; it’s too grating and cringe worthy for my taste.

Sure, we may actually put our LEGO in normal-to-odd places, but surely we don’t need to be shown such carefully manicured and fake setups surrounding a set. C’mon. It shows only one “Possibility” for how a set may live in its home. The folks who want/get the set surely can find their own uses for it…

Or do adults have too little imaginative capacity of their own? And so they must be hand-held and shown how they could be justified in getting a fancy set?

Are people buying that particular experience… or the actual brickin’ set? I would think the latter! The experience itself is up to the builder. LEGO, please, unless you are providing those staged marketing setups to interested people (for example, that table and pickle shelf look really quite nice!), please dial back the “lifestyle” stuff!

Does anyone else feel this way? I’m not the only one, right? Is LEGO’s approach effective in helping people find value in a set?

What To Do With the LEGO Creator Pickup Truck. Thoughts On the Possi-Build-ities.

Okay, so the LEGO Creator Pickup Truck is indeed another great set… and another cool set suffering from a bit of obnoxious advertising. But what are some fun things to do with it, if you get one? Let’s imagine!

The scale of this model could be challenge to work with. But fun if you’re up to it! One of the first things I thought of when I saw the Truck was how it could be incorporated into a diorama. It already comes with some rustic and rural accessories, so the stage is already set.

How about some brick-built figures? It would be fun to build some people (and animals) a la Miniland style, but larger.

LEGO Creator Miniland Promotional set: scale figures

Perhaps the 21318 LEGO Ideas Tree House set could be adapted to become a bit of shrubbery to park the Truck under. The scale would certainly allow for an imaginative repurposing of the tree house set.

Lights would also be nifty, especially ones that can be changed out to fit the season and festivities!

LEGO Creator Pickup Truck - New Possi-Build-ities - LEGO City Creator Farm playset, 2009

What if you made a silo to scale, and a barn? Maybe a stable? Or a fence and plot of crops? LEGO hasn’t released a large farm-based set in a while (2009 was the last appearance of a non-vehicular agricultural playset), so our favorite new red Pickup Truck brought them back to mind.

Is the LEGO Creator Pickup Truck Worth it?


Overall, even though the other recent adult LEGO car models are excellent sets by and large, I enjoy the non-licensed approach to the LEGO Creator Pickup Truck. It offers not only a great building experience, but also a lot of customization potential to dive into after you are finished with the included instructions.

But now one final question is: will the rumors about a Creator Expert Back to the Future DeLorean prove accurate?

I could get behind that.

You can find the 10290 Creator Expert Pickup Truck at the Official LEGO Shop, and by shopping the below listings.

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  1. I like how Lego has evolved since it started. First basic Lego was made and eventually it evolved into such a smashing success. Such a success that Lego Land was created. I am just amazed how many things you can make out of Lego and it is amazing. 

    The Lego creator pick up truck looks amazing and definitely looks like an item most collectors would love to have. Maybe more the adults than the small children. Small children too maybe, but I think the adults will build this one for the little ones. The ads I agree are unnecessary, just stick to basics of showing what you can build and maybe even combine sets. No actors are needed. The Lego can do the attraction alone. I was always attracted by Lego when it shows what happens if you collected certain Lego sets. It unlocks many possibilities.

    They can do the same for the Lego creator pick up truck, or suggest what other sets it will fit in with, like you just mentioned. Thank you for the informative article.

    • Cheers to that 🙌 LEGO’s evolution and development is awesome to behold, and I’m hopeful that they will continue to do so in a fruitful way without completely abandoning their past. LEGO truly had some glorious periods in their past, and I want – demand! – a return to form. 

      Like I mentioned in the post, I’m typically not into realistic LEGO cars/cars in general, but the Creator Pickup Truck set simply sparked my imagination enough to take notice. If LEGO can do similarly for more sets like this – getting kids into it by appealing to adults’ imagination – that’s the ticket! So much building potential. I actually just started writing about this very subject.

  2. What a good blog to have stumbled upon as Christmas is nearing. I know that my teenage son and his dad would both be interested in this one. It does look good.

    I quite like the smooth lego as it does give a finished look to the set.

    I do actually like the lego lifestyle though. Give me some inspiration how it can look in the boys rooms. They have so many lego it all just looks a mess now. (but they still continue to want more) maybe I should take note of all this lifestyle stuff to improve what it is at the moment – clutter.

    • Hi Jenny, I’m pleased that you found something helpful here, and hope that you will stick around. You’re right – that Time of Year is already coming up (fast!) – and I do intend to offer more shopping info shortly. 🙂 

      In regard to the lifestyle – fair enough! I also wrote briefly about storage ideas, if you’re interested in helping out your boys get in charge of their LEGO passion. It is found under the heading “PSA About Your Collection”: https://thesavantbrick.com/won

  3. The Lego Creator pick-up truck is stunning, and it appears to be something that most collectors would want. I’m constantly impressed at how many things you can build with Lego. Adults, perhaps, more than children. Small children, perhaps, but I believe the adults will construct this one for the youngsters. Great article! Keep up the good work.

    • You’re right in your observation that collector sets and spectacle sets are “in” right now. LEGO is doing overtime to try appealing to more adults lately – LEGO Masters on FOX, “Adults Welcome” ads, and these “storytelling tables“:

      I was never aware of adults feeling so alienated from LEGO that this much of a push was required to “win them over”!

  4. This was a very interesting read! I feel like you’ve introduced me to a whole community of adult Lego builders!

    Now I must admit: I didn’t play with Legos much as a kid. I was more of a comics/graphic novel and video games kid (I also played outside. Don’t @ me!).

    But it looks like there is a thriving community of adult Lego enthusiasts (I had to look up AFOLS lol) who Lego was smart enough to recognize and target with these custom builds and the Lego Ideas/Creator catalog. Evolving into a company that caters to both kids and adults alike is bloody brilliant!

    You’re a phenomenal writer! Your passion for Legos oozes out of every sentence and it’s clear you know exactly what you’re talking about. 

    Overall it was a fantastic read! Keep up the stellar work!

    • Thanks for such an awesome comment. 

      Hey I hear ya – make no mistake – I relate to being a video game kid, as well as playing outside (from time to time)!

      Video games came later for me, after I became acquainted with LEGO. But nonetheless an interest like LEGO had to compete with that source of fun. Luckily, it was not an either/or for me, LEGO clicked seamlessly early on, and is among the interests that have stayed with me all through the years. 

      Very glad you enjoyed discovering this side of LEGO!

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